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Do We Have (Sleep) Number Beds?
Sep. 17, 2013


We've never carried the American based Sleep Number Bed but we did give a local Canadian based manufacturer three prime spots in our showroom  a number of years ago. We advertised them heavily in the Mississauga News which caused a rush of interest to try them out. Believe or not even though they were offered at significant introductory discounts we didn't sell even one. Customers thought they were fun to try out but everyone purchased a conventional mattress set instead. After a month of promoting these "Air Beds" we sold off the floor samples at one-quarter of their suggested retail price and they were gone. I have to say I am still surprised by that lack of success. I guess that's why even Sleep Country discontinued displaying this category. We have lots of comfy mattress choices here in our showroom at Glen Erin & Dundas in Mississauga, please visit when you're ready to go for a spin.