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Roll Away Beds

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(75% of the items in this category are on display in our Mississauga showroom)

39 inch Heavy Duty Steel Rollaway
39 inch Heavy Duty Steel Rollaway
Our best Rollaway complete with an upgraded mattress

$649.00 on sale
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Upright Stow Away Bed Floor Sample
Upright Stow Away Bed Floor Sample
One floor model available at this price.
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48” x 74” Standard Duty Bed
48” x 74” Standard Duty Bed
Only one left.

$399.00 on sale
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Econo Rollaway Bed & Mattress
Econo Rollaway Bed & Mattress
available in 30" and 39"
$299.00 - $349.00

$269.00 - $299.00 on sale
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Rollaway beds, also called hideaway beds, are a great way to expand your guest space. Entertaining more guests than usual? No problem. Don’t have much guest space to begin with? This style of bed might well be your answer. Some models are even great choices for camping trips!

When you’re finished using your new purchase it simply folds up and rolls easily into storage spaces. Tuck it away in your closet, and stop thinking about it until your next guests arrive.

Note that they are rarely meant for everyday sleeping purposes! You should keep this in mind as you evaluate your choices. Here are some other common questions that we hear as people come in to have a look at our hideaways.

How big are they?

Rollaway beds typically come in three different sizes: 29 inch, 37 inch and 47 inch. You’re unlikely to find anything bigger—which is good, since a bigger bed would be far more difficult to store.
Keep this in mind as you assign your guests to sleeping spaces. Children and smaller individuals are always going to be more comfortable than larger individuals. Make sure that you consider the weight of the person who is going to use this style of bed before assigning it to one of your guests because the heavier they are the less comfortable they will be.

What is the difference between different models?

The materials used to create the frame can make a big difference in the bed’s utility, weight capacity, and longevity. Most are made of some sort of metal, but there’s a big difference between an aluminum bed and a steel one. Aluminum lowers the cost but provides less support and a shorter lifespan.

You also need to look at the mattress support system. Some beds will have a metal support system for the mattress. Others will have a durable military cot style support system. Either can be quite comfortable for your guests.

What kind of mattress should I use?

You’ve got a couple of options.

Some beds do come with innerspring mattresses, but we don’t recommend them. Think about all of the stress you place on the springs as you fold and unfold the bed. Innerspring mattresses tend to pop their coils very quickly under such circumstances, which means a lumpy, uncomfortable sleeping experience as well as additional wear and tear on the fabric of the mattress.

If you plan to sleep young children on the rollaway bed then we suggest a vinyl mattress. A vinyl mattress wipes down easily in the event of accidents. It’s also resistant to bed bug infestations, allergens, and dust mites.

If you plan to sleep adults on the bed then upgrading to a foam mattress (either memory foam or latex) is a great choice. The foam mattresses are designed to fold and unfold with ease, and they will still convey all of the benefits of a full sized memory foam sleeping experience. You’ll have a better time with your guests when they are sleeping more comfortably!

Is there anything else I should know?

It’s important to test your rollaway bed in person before taking it home. You’re not likely to be the primary sleeper on the bed, of course. However, testing the bed in person will reassure you that you’re giving your guests a comfortable, restful sleep.

You also want to test your ability to fold and unfold the bed with ease. After all, there’s nothing convenient about a bed that you have to downright fight with. Test the weight of the bed as well—you want to know that you can take it out and put it away with ease.

Come visit our Mississauga, ON showroom to test all our models! We’ll be able to help you put together a guest set that you can be proud of.