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Adjustable Beds
Your first step to an enhanced life is in a 10,000 square foot Mississauga showroom.

Double XL Supreme Bed

double Xl Supreme adjustable

Double XL
on sale
You Save $800
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5-15 days
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Double XL Supreme Bed

The Supreme is our customer's favourite model and with good reason. It has all the most important features of beds much more costly starting with the ability to raise and lower the head and foot sections to find your ideal comfort position. It's also equipped with the Wall-Hugger feature that positions your bed the same distance from the wall no matter how high you raise the head portion of your bed. This feature prevents having to reach behind your back to pick up that morning cup of coffee or best selling novel from your nightstand.

The remote control operates the Supreme via a seamless wireless connection just like your tv's clicker. It has Illuminated raised touch keys that will make pressing the right button in the dark a snap and you won't have to turn on a side table lamp and wake up your partner while searching for your remote in the middle of the night.

Additional features include the ability to store your two favorite comfort position settings to memory, and you will have two favourite positions! Everyone has one for reading a book or watching tv and many can't live without the weightless position that helps take the stress out of their sore back.

Let's not forget the upper and lower body massage, including wave action to relax those tired muscles from head to toe. We've had customers refuse to leave the demonstrator model until this massaging stops. They'll say "I'm buying it don't worry but I'm not getting up until it stops (just to be clear it will stay on for thirty minutes and they know it)

A thick two sided flippable pocket coil mattress is included. It’s best type of coil on the market and it's plush on one side and firm on the other to give you a quickly changeable choice of comfort. That Pocket Coil Comfort mattress is a great place to start and many of our customers have happily chosen to take that model home. But if you need something more Nine Clouds always has at least twenty different mattress models on display to ensure you'll be able to find a mattress more comfortable than one you're sleeping on now. Buying an adjustable bed here will not mean you compromise your current comfort.

Many of you own a bedroom suite you love. You have had it for years and don't want to give it up, well have no fears that that bed will need to be replaced! Our delivery team are absolute experts at placing your new Supreme Adjustable right inside of that heirloom bed.

If you have a favoured height off the floor for the top of your mattress to sit to get in and out of bed just let us know. With the Supreme bed we can attach a number of combinations of legs, feet or rollers. The height of top of your adjustable base foundation can be set to many different levels from 10.875" to 21" on top of which you'll need to add the thickness of your mattress to determine the total height from your floor.

If you have any questions about the customer favourite Supreme Adjustable please contact us in all the usual ways but it would be even better if you visit.

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