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Guide to Buying a Better Daybed

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Shopping for a daybed
Shopping for a Daybed

Elegant Daybeds are versatile sofas by day and traditional twin beds by night. They are currently enjoying a strong revival as decorative focal points for studies and dens. In combination with a pop-up trundle bed, that stows neatly beneath, they transform into a bed as wide as a king or two separate twin sized beds. Daybeds, easy to decorate around.

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Doubling as both a mattress and a couch, daybeds are a very versatile piece of furniture that can fit in in any area. The double use of these pieces allow you to save a great amount of space, while retaining the functions of both of the pieces “parents”, a couch and a bed. Daybeds have a three-sided design similar to a couch, but these three sides are metal or wood rather than made out of typical couch materials. During the day, large bolster pillows are often used on daybeds to make them more comfortable while they are being utilized as a couch.

Daybeds come in twin size only, making them impractical for larger individual’s main bed, but for guest rooms or even living rooms, the daybed is an excellent choice. For larger mattresses that also double as couches, futons should be considered instead.

Daybeds also have special sheets that are designed specifically to stay on your daybed. Other sheets can be used, but daybed-specific sheets work best.

Trundle Beds
Along with your daybed, there are also trundle beds to go with them. These are mattresses on wheels that can be stored underneath the daybed when it is not in use, and pulled out and set up in seconds when it is required.

These come in two types – pop-up and low-boy roll out. Both of these can be stored underneath the daybed. The pop-up slides out from the daybed and rise up to the height of the main mattress of the daybed. This instantly turns a twin mattress into almost a king-size. The other option is the low-boy, which slides out from underneath the daybed just like the pop-up, but it does not rise up from that point. It instead lies on the floor, creating an additional sleeping space perfect for a child’s sleepover, or extra guest.

Daybed Mattresses
As with other bed-related purchases, you may select any mattress you like for your daybed, provided it fits inside of the frame. This leaves you with many options, as there is no one best mattress. The best mattress is the one that is most comfortable for the person who will be sleeping on it.

One thing that does need to be kept in mind, though, is the height of the mattress. As the daybed is to be used as a couch along with a bed, it needs to be a height that makes it comfortable to sit up straight on for extended periods. Because of this, it is recommended that the mattress be no more than 8 inches thick.

With this in mind, there are two types of mattresses to look at when purchasing a mattress for your daybed. The first of these is the innerspring. This is the type of mattress that has wire coils inside of it that determine the firmness as well as durability. The second type is the foam mattress, which has no coils, but is instead made up entirely of foam.

With both of these types, one very important factor in determining the comfort of the mattress is the padding on top of the coils (in the case of innerspring) or support foam (in the case of foam mattresses). Making sure you select a mattress with a good amount of padding is key to obtaining a mattress that will be comfortable not just for the few minutes you spend laying on a mattress in the store, but for many hours of sleep for many years to come.

In terms of firm versus soft mattresses, once again, all that can be said is whichever feels best to you is the best for you. Both are equally valid choices, it simply comes down to personal preference.