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How to pay no HST on a home hospital bed
Apr. 01, 2019

No HST on a hospital bed in Ontario Doctors note for home hospital bed

A few years back we scheduled a visit to the store from a Revenue Canada specialist on possible HST exemptions for products purchased for medical reasons.

The results are as seen below.


While some people do buy a new mattress to alleviate the medical issue of back-pain the agent said that these would not be covered because so many people buy mattresses and they simply didn’t have the time to go through validating each claim.


While many people do buy an adjustable bed for medical reasons they again ruled that no exemptions would be granted for much the same reason as the mattress category.


Success! The agent said when a customer provides a note from a doctor that that person x needs a hospital bed for medical reasons no HST need be paid. He agreed that the vast majority of purchasers could only need a home hospital bed for medical reasons.

Just have your note ready on delivery day and you will save 13%.