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Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed: From Nine Clouds Beds
May. 21, 2011





Queen Adjustable Bed Showroom Mississauga

Chronic Lower Back Pain : An Adjustable bed can help. 60% of the adult population in the US report having it - 12% are seeking health care for it. The two main reasons for this pain are degenerative disc disease, and ligament inflammation. Standing upright and also lying in a flat position actually put added stresses and strains on our discs and ligaments, aggravating the pain. Having the ability to articulate the foot and head gives us the ability to allow the spine to rest in its natural state, without any added stresses and strains of our own body weight. We do enough damage throughout the day on our discs and ligaments; we can't afford to continue to do so while we are sleeping. Sleep is meant for mental and physical restoration, and we should allow our spine the time to heal and prepare for another day of physical activity - instead of starting our day in pain! Visit Nine Clouds Beds adjustable bed showroom today.