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Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed
May. 21, 2011




  Twin Adjustable bed in the Toronto Ontario area

Poor Circulation: An Adjustable bed can help. Poor circulation produces all kinds of problems. Symptoms of poor circulation include pain and swelling in the legs, low energy, tired and aching feet, cramps and cold hands and feet. Infections caused by bacteria spread quicker in areas of bad circulation and you may find that your legs, hands or feet have a habit of 'falling asleep', giving you that numb feeling. If left untreated poor circulation can lead to heart disease, strokes and in extreme cases amputation so it's vital you get yourself medically checked out. Having the ability to elevate your legs allows gravity to help blood flow easier back to the heart, improving overall circulation.

A Validating Point: Astronauts floating in space - a pressure-free environment - while sleeping, naturally have their feet and head slightly elevated. Their sleeping bunks are designed to simulate the same position as they experience naturally floating in zero gravity. This position takes pressure off of the spine, allows for easier breathing, and allows blood to circulate better to the heart. Visit Nine Clouds Beds adjustable bed showroom today.