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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to commonly asked questions are listed below.
Q. Do you have delivery?
A. Yes we do, on most items there will be no charge for items delivered in our local trading area.
Q. Do you take orders over the phone?
Yes we do, all the time. Please call us any time during business hours. We will take delivery instructions from you and inform you of an expected arrival date (usually within a week). If you wish to pay via credit card we will process your transaction today and bring a copy of the slip with your delivery. Other payment options are cash on delivery or certified check.
Q. Do you set up the goods being delivered?
A. We do on most items if requested at the time of purchase. Set up of products does take time and will change the delivery schedule for other customers receiving goods that day, therefore we ask that you let us know at the time of purchase.
Q. Will my new mattress and foundation fit up the stairs?
A. Most of the time this is not an issue. If there is a problem in your house there are a number mattresses that can  be folded almost in half without damage. If the foundation does not fit (this can occasionally be a problem with a queen size purchase) a split queen foundation can be ordered at an additional cost.
Q. Do you take away the old mattress?
A. Yes we will dispose of the product being replaced if requested at the time you place your order.
Q. What does it mean if there are body impressions in my new mattress?
A. Body impressions are a natural occurrence with a new mattress, particularly those that are thick and plush. Please give your new mattress a chance to break in, this process should take around one month. Each manufacturer has expected body impression limits which if crossed will be looked after promptly.
Q. How do our prices compare with our competitors?
A. We are more than competitive, having only one location you have to be. We will beat any competitors verified quote by at least 6%.
Q. Do you sell custom sizes?
A. Yes we do, we have over a dozen mattresses that are available in made to order sizes. The cost is the same as the closest standard size larger than that which you are purchasing.
Q. Can you make me a round mattress?
A. Unfortunately no, we get asked this question every couple of years and have yet to find a supplier to make them.
Q. Can I buy just the mattress or foundation?
A. Yes you can.
Q. Why is the price of just the mattress not half the price of a complete set?
A. In recent years, as mattresses have grown in thickness and complexity, the cost of purchasing just the mattress has risen from 60% to as high as 85%. There are many more construction elements  involved in the design of a mattress than that of the foundation.
Q. Can we buy just the headboard and not the footboard?
A. In most cases you can, only a few designs require the purchase of both.
Q. How long will my new mattress last?
A. Most mattresses manufactured today come with a full ten year non-prorated warranty. If a valid warranty claim is authorized by the manufacturer they will decide whether your mattress will be exchanged for a similar current product or will need to be returned for repair to their plant. A stain proof mattress cover must be used, if your mattress is soiled in any way the manufacturer will not repair or exchange it.
Q. Why do I need a center support roller frame for my new mattress set?
A. It is required for warranty coverage by all manufacturers. With out this extra support the foundation will warp over time and not provide the proper support to the mattress. If you have ever had a bed that seems to be lower in the middle causing you to roll into the center this has happened because the box spring was
not properly supported.
Q. Do we carry a mattress called……?
A. Manufacturers have many model names and covers, although we may not carry the model you are looking for we likely have a very similar mattress with same specifications.
Q. Why does a single ended bed roller-frame not protrude further from the foot of the bed?
A. A single ended bed frame (one that you attach only a headboard to, no footboard) does not need to protrude from the foot of the bed for it to support properly. In fact you would not want it to because you would risk scraping you ankle every time you walked by this high grade steel frame.
Q. Why is there such a gap between my footboard and the bottom of the mattress?
A. The gap is there to make it easier to tuck in sheets and leave ample room for your duvet or comforter.
Q. Do your delivery men work for you or are they private contractors?
A. Yes they do work only for us. They are the vital last contact you have with Nine Clouds and the level of service would certainly be reduced if they worked for an unrelated delivery company.
Q. Why are the mattresses so high?
A. Modern mattresses are more comfortable and much thicker than those produced even ten years ago, often will require deep pocket fitted sheets. If requested at the time of purchase we can order a low profile box spring that will lower your set about four inches. Low riding roller bed frames are also available that will reduce this height even further.
Q. Which manufacturer makes the best mattress?
A. There is no simple answer to this question, each company has their own approach to making the best mattress. At the January trade show each year we choose the best values from each manufacturer and place them on our floor for your evaluation. If the answer was the same for everyone we would need less than a handful (we have over sixty) of sets in our store. Only you can decide what is most comfortable and while still fitting your budget. 
Q. Your prices appear to be higher than some other retailers that we have found on the web.
A. We sell only locally in Southern Ontario and deliver most merchandise with our own truck therefore the level of service you will receive will be substantially higher than with an American or Out of Province store. These services include delivery to your room and even set up of many of the items we supply.

If something goes wrong with your product we are here to help. If it arrives damaged when you open your box, we will take care of it. There are hidden costs in buying from the U.S. such as high shipping, brokerage costs, duty costs and other fees. These will add substantially to the end amount you are out of pocket. If your goods are damaged when you open them your paperwork nightmare has just begun. As well you will likely have to pay most of these fees again if and as when your replacement arrives.
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