This is a double bed right? So do you have any queens in the showroom for us to look at?

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Inside Nine Clouds Beds



It’s easily the most asked customer question here at Nine Clouds Beds, many times daily. Almost every bed in the front half of the store is a queen but people are sure they are doubles. Some are so sure in fact that they will argue with us. We have always guessed it’s because of the large size (ten thousand feet) of our showroom or maybe the very high (fourteen foot) ceiling.

A double bed (54″ x 75″) is only about ten percent smaller than a queen bed (60″ x 80″) which can make it difficult to tell the difference unless they are side by side. Just take a look at the images below.


Bring a copy of this post as a cheat sheet when you visit our Erin Mills showroom. You’ll definitely surprise your salesperson:)

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