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The last “First day of school” for the babies“ to be together in the same school : Exquisite Sleep Number 18

September 10, 2013 About Us

  Con & Cait are now in grade ten and twelve so they didn’t have to go in to school until 11 a.m. last Tuesday. I made sure to come home from the store before they left and had them pose one last time in that same time-honored spot on our front steps. There were typical […]

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Number One Son is Gone, Bigger Fish To Fry: Exquisite Sleep Episode 17

April 5, 2013 About Us

  Over the last few years our oldest son Cameron has worked a pretty regular shift here at Nine Clouds while commuting back and forth to Guelph University. Until today. One last push down on that “Open” sign switch. One last time hanging up his shirt. The journey began with the longest of hair and the greenest […]

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Interim Place Shelter Mississauga Annual Gala- A Letter from Sharon

February 4, 2013 About Us

  This award was gratefully accepted last weekend by our son Cameron Laidlaw in our absence   Dear Bill and Judy: On behalf of Interim Place’s Board of Directors, I am pleased to inform you that Nine Clouds has been selected to receive Interim Place’s “Community Cares” Award 2012 which will be presented to you […]

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A Happy New Salesperson for our Mississauga Mattress Store

October 14, 2012 About Us

  Below is the first draft of an ad we ran on Mississauga kijiji last month.   Nine Clouds  Beds is searching for a happy apprentice to join our already smiling team. You’ll intern behind/beside experienced staff (really good people) for six months, following an initial trial period of sixty days. Hourly pay will start […]

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“Buy a Bed Give a Bed” staff shirts are in and they say it all!

July 27, 2012 About Us

    Nine Clouds Beds new shirts are in and I promise they look better on everyone else who works here than they do on me! Please visit our showroom at Glen Erin & Dundas to test drive many mattress sets (most are on sale mattresses) that trigger an additional mattress set donation to families […]

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Buy a Bed, Give a Bed Program at Nine Clouds Beds (Everyone deserves a bed)

June 17, 2012 About Us

For over four years Nine Clouds Beds passionately supported the Mississauga based Women’s Shelter Interim Place by donating and delivering six brand new mattress and box sets per month. As appreciated as these donations have been they often do not cover the actual needs of Interim’s Peel based clients. Sadly most families fleeing bad situations […]

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There Has Been an Incident in the School Playground. Exquisite Sleep 16

December 10, 2011 About Us

Every parent dreads that phone call. Your phone lights up, it’s your child’s school and that’s never good. Good morning “It’s Mr X calling” (not even one of his teachers, oh boy!) there’s been an incident in the playground that has taken a couple of days to sort out.  Con hadn’t mentioned a thing to either of us.  The teacher […]

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Candid Email From Senior Bed Salesman John: Makes Me smile! Exquisite Sleep Episode 15

November 4, 2011 About Us

I was copied yesterday on an email from John in our showroom. It was sent to the three other sales staff he works with most often each week.  We are a family run smallish business,with few staff,and we are talking about ten hour days during the week. So of course it definitely helps if everyone gets along and yes […]

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Vivid Memories of Yesterday- Exquisite Sleep Episode 14

October 17, 2011 About Us

  I remember vividly that day I first learned to ride a bike, in a Central Toronto park on the rubbled asphalt crest of a favored toboggan run.  It was the early 60′s, hardly yesterday. I recall instantly the day I taught our oldest son to ride a bike. We chose the well known safe ground of […]

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May 2007, Learning to Fly: Exquiste Sleep Episode 13

August 23, 2011 About Us

  I could not possibly give you return directions to this park but I do recall what took place. A young Connor, often wary, always sensible, suddenly out of character? He asked to take this leap of faith. And smiled for it’s full descent. In the years to come there will surely  be many more opportunities for flight Con. Continue […]

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