The timeless elegance of the Wilshire Bed makes it a lasting oasis that will complement many styles and tastes. The faux leather Dark Brown Sable colored leather upholstery is button-tufted for a sophisticated yet comfortable feel. The winged arms on each end of the headboard give a sophisticated look to the headboard. A low twelve […]


The subtle (yet substantial) Beverly evokes a link to long forgotten old world craftsmanship. At home in a variety of bedroom themes. Comforting side wings quietly taper from head to toe. Adorned in Sable Brown faux leather and crowned with a gentle curve for that final touch. Wake up to the Beverly in king or […]


  You’ll spend one-third of your life on your mattress (8 hours a day). There is surely no question if you don’t sleep well the night before that “all important day” your abilities will be severely diminished, maybe even zeroed out completely. You know this to be true yet when it comes time to buy […]


What is a wall hugger adjustable bed?

September 28, 2013 Adjustable Beds

What does a wallhugger mean? While many adjustable bed bases lift your body away from the wall when the head portion is raised (and therefore away from your night table) all our best bases, featuring  wall hugging engineering, glide the whole structure backwards at the same time. This means a favorite book, TV remote control or […]

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This is a double bed right? So do you have any queens in the showroom for us to look at?

September 22, 2013 Bed Frames

    It’s easily the most asked customer question here at Nine Clouds Beds, many times daily. Almost every bed in the front half of the store is a queen but people are sure they are doubles. Some are so sure in fact that they will argue with us. We have always guessed it’s because […]

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Do We Have (Sleep) Number Beds?

September 17, 2013 Adjustable Beds

We’ve never carried the American based Sleep Number Bed but we did give a local Canadian based manufacturer three prime spots in our showroom  a number of years ago. We advertised them heavily in the Mississauga News which caused a rush of interest to try them out. Believe or not even though they were offered […]

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Do you have an adjustable bed where the whole bed will move up and down electrically?

September 11, 2013 Adjustable Beds

We do have the ability to set up your new adjustable bed to a number of different heights on delivery day (please set this service up prior to that day because there are so many permutations)   Charts of the various combinations of leg pillars and, feet and wheels used to achieve your desired adjustable […]

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The last “First day of school” for the babies“ to be together in the same school : Exquisite Sleep Number 18

September 10, 2013 About Us

  Con & Cait are now in grade ten and twelve so they didn’t have to go in to school until 11 a.m. last Tuesday. I made sure to come home from the store before they left and had them pose one last time in that same time-honored spot on our front steps. There were typical […]

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Why am I getting a back ache from my mattress?

September 8, 2013 Health

  The first possible cause of back pain is that your mattress has sagged so much that your spine is now out of alignment (this can happen whether you are a back-sleeper or a side-sleeper). If it has sagged over two inches, as in the photo above, you likely will have a valid mattress warranty claim […]

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Are futon mattresses a standard size?

September 5, 2013 Futons

All of Nine Clouds Beds futon mattresses (and 99% of those sold worldwide) are a standard double size making them approximately 54″ x 75″ and close to 8″ thick. They are quality made with alternate layers of cotton and foam which is just what you should be looking for in futon mattress construction. Over time […]

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